balm to my soul

“I just need you to listen,” I said.

He said, “I’ve said all I can say…”

I said, “I don’t need advice, I just need to talk…” A few minutes later, the quiet of an unburdened mind, now focused on being able to write. Rather than the restless disquiet of the last few days, draining me of all energy.

There are times I am the listener. Even when all energy is spent, I do my very best to take in what is being said. It is something I have had to practice in the last few years, There are still times I am good at interrupting people or coming out with advice, rather than really, truly listening, To listen, I have to sit still. I’ve practiced that too, I spend almost my whole day sat or laid still, save for spasms, so lots of time to practice being still. For now, the sweet relief of a still mind is balm to my soul. Still. and listening enough to write brings relief too. Finally, I can gather my thoughts long enough to dump them on the page. Oh, the sweet relief of finally writing again, brings balm to my soul!


This post is part of five-minute Friday. This week’s prompt is ‘listen’. Leave me an encouraging comment about my post, then head over to Lisa-Jo’s website and have a go yourself!

2 thoughts on “balm to my soul

  1. Stopping by with Five Minute Friday. Isn’t it true that sometimes we don’t want any advice, but just a listening ear. I’m so glad you’ve been able to write and it has been a balm to your soul. I find it to be the same. Blessings!


  2. I find that when I am not listening to hear His voice, that is when the writing is hard. Thankful to have stopped by from the Five Minute Friday. Have a blessed day!


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