What do you write, when it’s already been written?

It’s only a day since my first post, and here I am writing another,  largely because I’m unsure what to write for my next #digidisciple post. I’m panicking instead of praying… perhaps that’s my first mistake! I often feel other people have said the things I want to say before, and I’m scared of looking like I’ve written exactly the same things. I guess it’s partly a lack of confidence. It’s also part of the reason why I put off starting a blog for so long. I do the same things, week in week out, and in general see the same people. Also people tend to visit me, as I don’t always have the energy to go out and meet people. A lack of variation means I lack inspiration, as well. How do you be semi-housebound and still write interesting things? I’m in awe of people who manage to do that! I’m going to have to spend the next couple of hours on the hunt for something. Any suggestions are welcome too! 🙂

6 thoughts on “What do you write, when it’s already been written?

  1. Well, you know I don’t read a lot so I’ve probably missed what other folk have written which means what you put in your blog will be fresh to me. I understand what you are saying about having a similar routine each week but it’s different to my weekly routine so interesting to me xx


  2. I’d love to hear your take on the paralympics Jackie, either on BigBible or here? Who are the people to watch out for? The Olympics gets so much coverage but the paras not so much.


  3. I had the same crisis last month. I’ve said all I’ve got to say, lots of others are saying the same thing and I’m not out and about in things to know what to talk about. Bex gave me some ideas – you’ll see tomorrow what I came up with.
    What inspires you and feeds you? What bible passages speak to you? What resources for bible reading/worship do you use? Can you review them, point us to something different?
    Look forward to hearing your unique perspective


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