London 2012 (sort of…!)

I may not have tickets for the Olympic Games, but I am fortunate enough to be watching it from the comfort of my front room, and tweeting along with half of Britain as it is played out on the TV and in the rolling commentary on Twitter. It makes me feel like I am watching the ceremony with company. My flat is bedecked in a Team GB flag, bunting, and balloons, and I have the boom-sticks, the foam hand, and a flag to wave! What is the point in spending all that money? Everyone who came through the door since I decorated the flat has asked that, but it was heaps of fun, and a welcome distraction from the minutiae of everyday life. Plus, a god excuse to spend time with the lovely Bryony. Thank you to her, and my friend Emma for their help in decorating the flat, and to Bryony for being photographer for the morning! Let the Games begin!


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