BBC News – Paralympics: 10 lesser-spotted things

BBC News – Paralympics: 10 lesser-spotted things.


At first I thought, ‘Another day, another paralympics-themed article’. In reality though, it does contain some useful info. For example, I had fleetingly wondered, ‘why no gymnastics’, until I realised not enough people would have the physical function to be able to compete. Other things are more common sense, but not immediately obvious, for example, to introducing every single athlete as part of the TV coverage. Here’s another:”numerous swimmers and volleyball players removed their limbs before competing. Can you imagine all those limbs floating about the swimming pool?! Others are more intriguing, such as why Deaf people aren’t generally included un the paralympics. However, I briefly heard about one of the visually impaired swimmers whose name I did not catch, having a small flashing light near her st the start of the race, because she is Deaf as well. Have you noticed anything else ‘quirky’ about the paralympics?

2 thoughts on “BBC News – Paralympics: 10 lesser-spotted things

  1. I thought about the blind/partially sighted swimmers having the trust to swim flat out whilst waiting for the pole to touch their heads so they know they are reaching the end of the pool. I have loads of admiration for every athlete no matter which country they represent but this guy is worth watching again


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