fellow bloggers, writers, and knowledge-able people, I need you!!

You make have noticed I haven’t posted anything fresh in about a month. There’s more than one reason for that. I have definitely lost some of my concentration recently. The heat certainly doesn’t help. It’s a vicious cycle. Struggling to concentrate means it’s hard to pull whatever it is out of my brain that I want to write. If I am struggling to write I get frustrated. It seems to be happening more and more often at the moment. Struggling to write brings stress, which bring migraines, of which I currently have one a week, at least. There are other stresses at the moment which also makes it difficult to write. I am going to be trying acupuncture soon to see if this helps control the migraines at least a little. If you’ve had acupuncture for these, I’d love to know whether it helped you or not. 

If you would like to write for me, I’d love to hear from you. Read this if you’d like to know more about me first. You can write anything you like as long as it covers something health or disability related, a comment or opinion on a news story, related to Christian faith, or even anti-faith. Would welcome related subjects too. I am trying to come up with ideas to submit to other blogs to help me get my creativity flowing too, but am keen for contributions here to help fill in some of the gaps when I feel too unwell to write, and to help form new ideas for writing. If you’d like  to write for me, let me know! Add a comment to this post or tweet me @jacksdavie.

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