balm to my soul

“I just need you to listen,” I said.

He said, “I’ve said all I can say…”

I said, “I don’t need advice, I just need to talk…” A few minutes later, the quiet of an unburdened mind, now focused on being able to write. Rather than the restless disquiet of the last few days, draining me of all energy.

There are times I am the listener. Even when all energy is spent, I do my very best to take in what is being said. It is something I have had to practice in the last few years, There are still times I am good at interrupting people or coming out with advice, rather than really, truly listening, To listen, I have to sit still. I’ve practiced that too, I spend almost my whole day sat or laid still, save for spasms, so lots of time to practice being still. For now, the sweet relief of a still mind is balm to my soul. Still. and listening enough to write brings relief too. Finally, I can gather my thoughts long enough to dump them on the page. Oh, the sweet relief of finally writing again, brings balm to my soul!


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Great Songs no fillers!

Today’s daily prompt: Write about what you did last weekend as though you’re a music critic reviewing a new album.
This was one of those that only come along once in a while. So good you replay it over and over, every detail, every nuance. The First have was The One with The Wedding. Great music for a party, the sort of music everyone loves and can join in with. That everyone loves, with few exceptions. So good you want to dance. It makes your body move and your spirit sore, and wish you could write music like that. But hey, let’s leave it to the experts, the ones who meet The One, and can show it as such, appreciate it and grow it, and protect it, and mature it for years. This is their gift, just as others have the gift of making music. Some of the songs on this album are traditional, but the music does not suffer, rather it is all the richer for it. This album could be the sound track to the kind of party that goes long on long into the night, but it is so good nobody cares.

Part two. Another day, a plan for another party

The second half of the album sparkled, full of excitement and promise. The final couple of tracks sang of a future full of love, fun and good times. They are as much a part of a good party as great food and good wine. This is one that will stick in the memory for a long time to come, a success that will not be easily repeated.