The meaning behind the name

I’m a few days behind with the daily prompts and today’s is rather too personal. I decided to answer one from the 11th instead. It was actually Carer B who gave this blog it’s name. I am not as good at these things as they are, and I wanted something original that wasn’t kind of arbitrary. They’re are HUNDREDS of blogs which focus on the disability, illness or wheelchair in the title or use the blog to rant with and nothing else; so I was more determined that I wouldn’t do that. I also wanted a hybrid which could talk about lots of things not just my different circumstances and so sat n all that took of from there…

3 thoughts on “The meaning behind the name

  1. […] There have been times recently where I have barely managed one post a week, partly because I did not have the head-space or the energy to write. If I did, what energy I did have was absorbed by other things, or I have been asleep. Indeed, that is what I should be doing now  I am unlikely to be able to sleep until I get the majority of this post out of my head. Having not set goals I have not achieved them, but I probably could set goals now, were I to start this blog again. I would also have loved to build on the support I got from word-of-mouth and increase the readership in a meaningful way. Unfortunately every-time the readership increased, it fell back again, which almost feels like wasted effort now. Some of the other loose goals I had were around connecting with bloggers with similar interests, and having an outlet for my creativity, thoughts, and emotions. I also wanted to improve my writing or my ‘craft’. I have written about these same things in recent months; including who came up with the name, and why. […]


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