Lent 2013: day 2

I have never really bothered about lent before. I did give up chocolate for lent about 6 or 7 years ago, because a friend dared me to. I did actually manage it much to my friend’s amazement.

I suppose by now you might be wondering why I am bothering about Lent now. It is partially because I am a #digidisciple for bigbible. I happen to see some of the promotional press release for bigread13. The more I read, the more I wanted to be a part of it. I read a post by my friend Bryony explaining that she would be blogging for #Bigread13.

Bryony also talked about something she had found on the web called #notbusy. This is where you spend between 10-30 minutes quiet contemplation and solitude, and then tweet about it afterwards using the hashtag ‘notbusy’. I decided I would love to do that too. It’s something I can do quite easily even from my wheelchair. My only qualm was whether I would fall asleep during the stillness. However, I am wide awake today, which almost never happens so I stayed awake throught the 15 minutes. Things started to come to mind that I need to do today so I quickly found a notebook, jotted things down and left it at my side in case anything else came to mind. The rest of the time, I half prayed, half thought. Sometimes people came to mind. The rest of the time I thought about a devotional piece I have just read about the excesses of Christ’s love for me. Very appropriate for valentines day. I am off to read today’s # bigread13 devotional and download Rowan Williams book.

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