The place of rest….

Forced to rest

I have no idea what to write. How to explain my absence. Only a few days, and yet, I have missed writing, this place to empty my thoughts, to feel less overwhelmed. Even if I post about something else, it still helps me somehow be more still. For a time I have had a distraction, my attention is on something else, something other than pain, discomfort, lonliness. 

I have these times where I crash. All I can do is rest. And yet, somehow, that is all I need to do. Not eating, not face-booking… not texting (well, not nearly so much). I prayed in the silence. I could not tell you what I prayed, except for release from the pain, for someone to talk to, as though I had forgotten I have One I can always talk to. I did think of someone though, and when I awoke after texting them, somehow I found my peace.  I haven’t done much with today, and yet, I feel I needed this rest.


Strictly dancing? (series number…??)

I did watch the new series of ‘Strictly’. What did you think of the pairings? It;s like Len Goodman said, this year he did not need to ask who people were, for he recognised everyone. It’s hard to believe is that time of year, Autumn. Yet, there is a change in the air. Sunday so warm, so summery. Monday so fresh, so clear, so cold. I love the freshness of that kind of weather. It also gives me reason to wear my wool jacket-cardigan type things. So comfortable. Already some of the favourite things I have ever bought. No chance… for tomorrow (today!) it is to rain… hello reality of Autumn!! For now, am off to eat cracker-bread, the food of my student-dom and drink tea and sleep 🙂

One thought on “The place of rest….

  1. Sorry you’ve been so low. I know how frustrating life can be. I’m looking forward to Strictly starting. It’s a great show.


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