I'm All Olympic-ed up, Go TeamGB

I love plinky… cause sometimes it asks great questions and offers great prompts to help me write one post every day. Sometimes though, it asks stupid questions like “Will you watch the Olympics”, on day 10 of said Olympics. I’ve been watching avidly since the opening ceremony, sometimes admittedly just because it’s more interesting to watch than the usual daytime telly fluff, but other times I am completely absorbed in the TV, like yesterday during the Murray/Fedderer Gold Medal Match, or swimming, gymnastics, equestrian. That said, I can’t wait for the Paralymics, and quite a few friends have said the same. I don’t want to say too much more here, as I shall say more here in the coming days and possibly on The Big Bible Project blog. For now, of course I shall continue to watch the Olympics in my Olympic-ed up flat, no matter how shoddy the BBC coverage is, or how many ‘highlights’ they show. (endless repeats, however you dress them up!) Go Team GB you are amazing!!

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