Today’s daily prompt is as follows:

Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe). What did you grab? 

This is a poignant one for me because a friend had to move out of they’re house a few months ago due to a fire in the downstairs part of the house. That and the fire station at the top of the estate is closing down. Oh, And I once set the grill on fire as I couldn’t retieve the toast quick enough! I managed to put that out myself, fortunately.

As soon as I started to think about what I would grab my emotions started fighting with my emerging practical side! I decided… wheelchair charger (for obvoius reasons,) handbag (is this cheating?! Either the fleece blanket from the end of the bed or my dressing gown, as either is equally comforting and both were presents from this christmas or last. Two left… bible, rather than kindle, and one more… phone charger probably!

No sentimental items for me, as I don’t take a lot of photos, and so don’t have much on the walls, some pictures and a calendar  none particularly sentimental, and no photo albums. I’d have to leave tatty behind, though he could fit in my pocket. ‘Tatty’ is a small teddy bear from a carer, who is amazing, and lovely and beautiful and has now left to go travelling. Oh dear, the list is growing, think I’ve missed the point of the prompt, somehow. Okay, over to you, what 5 items would you grab and why?

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