More clichés than I thought possible!!

I had to read today’s daily prompt a couple of times to get sense out of it. I ended up looking it up as I had never heard it. On the same site was a massive list of all possible clichés, ever with country of origin and its popular meaning. Still no inspiration, so I started to think about the original phrase.
I couldn’t relate to it because I couldn’t think of any recent opportunities, no list because I thought of it meaning you were better sticking with the job you had instead of fighting for a promotion that may never happen. Anyone with any sense of ambition surely woyld not stick to this? Then it hit me. That’s what benefit claimants who could be working do. Stick with the opportunities benefits gives them rather than search for a job which may not materialise and may not have the same income. So they stay stuck. Someone needs to boot them up the backside then?! That’s an opportunity worth volunteering for! !

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