coffee, naps, and blog posts…

Forgotten everything I’ve learned…

Today’s daily prompt really made me think, as I couldn’t remember at first the last time I learned something new. I thought back to my last period of formal study, for counselling skills qualifications, and  that was two years ago possibly, I can’t actually remember, and then I counted up the years since I began my Masters degree, and realised with some shock September will be seven years! I tried to think then. of more recent times, and couldn’t think of any new hobbies. Then the answer hit me full in the face.

Just a beginner…

I’m having to apply myself to learning how to  write. For a start, I’ve never considered myself a writer. This may seem odd, as I have the equivalent of an A in English at GCSE equivalent  and an A at A level (AS2?). Not only that, but I have a 2:1 in English Studies at degree level too. The one piece of creative writing I remember doing, I did all right. I wrote about what I knew, and managed to get s B-. I was pretty chuffed then!

Drawing Pins…

I also once wrote a poem about drawing pins for a creative writing group I was part of for a while. Let me explain. While I was at my (on-campus) university, I used a mobility scooter to get from place to place. They’re basically glorified electric wheelchairs and their use has become more controversial depending on your view. They are considered a nuisance by many people, especially if used on the pavement or holding up traffic.

When I bought the scooter, a flatmate had just broken her leg and her scooter crushed her leg. That was down to a fairly cost effective lightweight model. The scooter I chose was a much heavier less sexy more expensive model. Having borrowed another flatmate’s scooter I decided against ‘puncture proof’ solid tires. In those days, the English Studies Department used notice boards and drawing pins, meaning I often had to phone security or a friend for help with fixing the puncture. I once wrote a poem about my plight, and the ‘teeth’ of the pins, which a few in the English Studies Department remembered fondly even a few years later. I later discovered my poem was the department’s reason for the swanky, glass covered notice boards which enclosed the pins, preventing their escape– Result!!

A head start…

These being my only forays into creative writing, I took some persuading when a good friend asked me to write for her friend’s website. However, my friend persevered, and eventually persuaded me. I was delighted recently when my very first post for The Big Bible Project was among the Top Ten most shared posts last year!

I am aware I have much to learn, not only in learning how to write, but also, in learning how to study again, and build a following within the constraints of my crazy body and limited energy. Perhaps this is my priority, to learn to ‘work’ and study within my limitations, This is partly why one of my resolutions this year was focused on a post a day, to try to coax myself into cultivating good habits, and learning though practice, as Jeff Goins recommends in his book You are a Writer, so Start Acting Like One. 

I’m off to apply myself to reading proverbs 31 for next Bible Study for Bible Reflections. Watch this space…

One thought on “coffee, naps, and blog posts…

  1. Thanks for reading mine and linking back. Love your attitude on this one, it is so good to see such passion towards learning and writing. I’m like that, always got my hands full. It is a good point you make about ‘learning how to work with your limitations’. What I’m trying right now to boost my creativity is just to have some chill time, where I read, dream, wander about… I tend to overdo things, imagine I’ve got time for absolutely everything. Great post!


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