Pray for Caden Beggan

title=”Pray for Caden Beggan”>Pray for Caden Beggan

Dear Readers, for those of you who do the praying thang in whatever form, please may you pray for a young lad of six years old called Caden, from Motherwell who has meningococcal septicaemia. He is in intensive care at Yorkhill children’s hospital in Glasgow and has had several operations now, including three amputations. His family have created a Facebook page (which this post links to) posting updates on Caden’s progress and to encourage people round the world to pray for him.

The BBC have also written a news article about Caden,


Just checked the families Facebook page for news of Caden to see he died yesterday. (20/11/12) We will never know this side of Heaven why God allows some of these things. If you prayed, please continue to pray for his family.

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