please God, can I start over?

The ‘Daily’ Prompt, a Day late!

This is my answer to the  daily prompt from 14th November. I’ve not very o fay with time of day the posts are published and what time that is in GMT so I’m not always on the right day! However, the subject of this post really caught my attentions as it asked each of us to think of a time that would, could or should have turned out differently. My answer came pretty easily to me. It all has to do with my tongue…

Lashing out with our words…

Those moments where what is my head just comes out. Worse I say what is in my head without thinking. Even worse than that is I say what is in my head without even thinking in a hurtful tone of voice or in anger. Not being very physically able, the easiest way for me to hurt someone or do something wrong is by thought, speech, or both.I can think of one group of people, one carer and one PA from different times in the past few years with whom I would like to have gone back in time and ‘undone’ my actions.


However, this is not possible. Thanks to the saving work of Jesus on the cross. It is possible to seek forgiveness from Our Heavenly father for my actions, and to pray that He may heal the wounds I have caused, but is impossible to go back and repair the damage I caused. That I guess, is my biggest regret when we are called to be ‘salt and ‘light’ and I am anything but. It shows me how important it is to ‘make the most of every opportunity’ to reach out to others in whatever way I can, and to remember that as tired and pained as I am this is not an excuse. Perhaps I am being hard on myself… but I do pray that those people may meet other who witness to them more faithfully that I did, and short of being able to start over, all I can do is entrust it, and them, to the care of our Heavenly Father, and be thankful, that this I can do!

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