GPs must treat foreigners under new guidelines | Mail Online

I first saw the following headline as I passed the Newspaper display in my local supermarket, and halted my chair in shock! The following is from the Daily Mail, on the 13/10/12. Click the following link to read the article: GPs must treat foreigners under new guidelines | Mail Online.

I have no doubt we will hear much story in the coming days, from every possible angle. However, as someone with a long-term illness and a long-term disability, I am astounded that such a decision could be reached while leaving common sense at the door. For m, this one is the latest in a list of CRAZY decisions about the NHS… and we have to take action while we can. Id love to know what you all think of this decision.

One thought on “GPs must treat foreigners under new guidelines | Mail Online

  1. I remember watching Edward Heath sign something and my parents telling me we were going `into Europe.’ I then watched Edward Heath saying this would be good for trade. I don’t think even he realised the extent to which the EU would interfere with the running of our country and how by making lots of sweeping statements about the human rights of non British people it would cost us so much money that we haven’t got!! We have a situation now where Asylum seekers and more rights than those born here. For example the problems we have deporting terror suspects and the case of a local father who watched as the man who knocked down and killed his daughter was allowed to stay in this country because he had a right to a family life while the grieving has no family now his 11 year old daughter is gone. I think common sense left when the EU were allowed in


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