Grammar : the s…

Grammar : the scourge of my yoof

As soon as I see the word ‘Grammar’, all I can think about is how much I have always struggled with it, and immediately feel a deep panic (or, a deep sense of panic?)  One of my most pertinent memories from school is when my French teacher bemoaned the lack of teaching on grammar in English classes, which meant that she ended up teaching grammar as well as French. I forget which grammar now as it’s a long time since I left school. I think it had something to do with past participles, whatever they are!

Grammar: dull and boring?

When I first began to focus on grammar I became immediately aware of each and every sentence I am writing, which is surely the point, although this is itself slightly annoying. I prefer to write ‘of the moment’ without attention to such things, writing continuously until the post comes to a natural end when I feel I have nothing interesting left to say, or not more to say on a subject. It is not that I don’t think correct use of grammar can be important, but that I prefer to write freely, and check my use of grammar later as opposed to scrutinising every sentence as I am writing. The challenge encouraged the blogger to focus on an object, and write about that object in such a way as to draw readers in. This is all well and good, if you can think of an object. All I could think about was the lack of an object. Namely the taxi. (More of that in a future post!) I welcome any comments on my use of grammar in this post, since I have no clue about such matters. However, I am sure you have better things to do with your time! The post did warn against writing arbitrarily. However, I think as soon as you focus on one thing this is all your writing becomes. Seeing as Grammar is something of which I know little about, I have already run out of things to write. Comments are welcome, if you can spare the time to comment on something so dry, or if you have more knowledge of these matters than myself, which I think is highly likely!

2 thoughts on “Grammar : the s…

  1. Hi Jackie, being a product of the 70s education system, I can offer no helpful comments on grammar! As long as something makes sense, does it matter? But I love your posts, thanks.


  2. I have to write and then check for grammar every time I write a post on FB 😉 Twitter is a lost cause though because I have to deliberately make grammar mistakes to fit it into such few characters


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