Hair in all the ways…

Hair  in all the ways,
dry shampoo for days.
Run the comb through,
call it done.

Shove a cap on my head,
just out of bed,
Feeling rough.
Why are mornings so tough?

Make mine a double shot,
extra hot,
need all the coffee.
Music on loud.

Can still hear the buzzers,
makes me shudder.
Then I wonder,
Will they ever stop?

Back to me,
now I need a wee,
Will I ever concentrate?
Getting irate at myself,
How do I stop the voices?

On and on they chant,
so much hate,
Begging them to abate,
What would I say to a mate?

I'd remind them to be kind,
to themselves, tell them,
"'You're trying your best"',
Find a therapist,
and get some rest.


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