Best left alone?

I did mean to respond to yesterday’s daily prompt but needed some thinking time. I’ve not really thought of myself as a ‘niche’ blogger, as I often write about some of the same things as others, but offer something new on the subject. By answering so many ‘daily prompts’, I try to vary what I write as much as possible, though there are some subjects I write about more often than others. You need only look at the ‘tag cloud’ on the right to see what, but off the top of my head… disability, faith, and relationships are the topics I think of first.

There are, however, some things I just won’t touch. There are current debates in church, politics, and society that I don’t know enough about to write about them, either in head knowledge or experience, and there are others answering those already, such as the current controversy about the definition of marriage, aspects of theology, apart from what relates to my faith and also that which helps me make sense of my disability, and life in general. I can’t think of  other specific subjects for now. 

The other reason for not being too controversial or writing on some of the topics of the day, is I can’t start confrontation and got myself into ‘hot whatter’ recently, something I’ve already written about this week. It may seem weak, and the time may come when I feel I know enough about something to add to the debate. I think I have already written about the welfare state, and there is a petition floating about I agree very strongly with, which demonstrates just how hard the cuts are hitting others in a similar position to me, which other people will say there just isn’t the money for. Everyone has an opinion on the cuts. On the economics behind it, however, I am woefully ignorant I guess I have found one of my ‘never’ topics after all…

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