‘what, only 3 things?’

This post is based on the weekly writing challenge from 31/12/12

For a procrastinator like myself, this challenge is perfect. No time to waste… and 3 months to get tore in (before the world explodes!) Well, that’s the premise, anyhow. Three resolutions came to mind instantly. Two, I make every year and the third is a New New Years’ challenge. 

Challenge #1: There will be less of me this time next year (I can live in hope…)

The first is similar to that of many women in the developed world. This is the year i will lose weight. My reasons are personal. So’s I can move around much more easily, be in much less pain, and have more energy; the knock-on effect would hopefully ensure a clearer mind, therefore making next two challenges easier. John Bishop is on Jools Annual Hootenanny on the tele and has just announced his New Years resolution is to “get fat and throw pies at thin people” — Now there’s a challenge! 

Challenge #2 : Disciplined Disciple

I guess it’s natural to feel dissatisfied with myself in ways others I had no idea I was lacking in, many people could say that, I guess. The more specific aim of this is to manage to read my bible and pray at the beginning of the day, every single day, If I was honest, I’d say I manage this at some point in the day most days, but this year I plan to set my alarm early every morning and listen to UCB’s prayer and praise and have my quiet time. I feel so much better when I do. For me it’s all about cultivating better habits. which would hopefully in turn help me be more disciplined in other areas including food, exercise, and money, to name three I am concerned about. 

Challenge #3: To write every day

Since I bought a basic Kindle I‘ve begun read more widely. Books on prayer, thought-life, 4 different short daily devotional texts which I interchange or read at least three of, I’ve also started reading about women in the bible, and I am sure there are other topics on my kindle. One of the main things I started to do this year was to write seriously, with encouragement from dear friends, and family. I began to write for The Big Bible Project, I started to Tweet, (which is a form of writing, I guess) and, of course, I also started my blog, with encouragement from others. Very recently, I now also write for the lovely people at Bible Reflections

When taken together, all of that is a great start. However, in the coming year, I’d really like to build on this. I’ve begun to read Jeff Goins book You are a writer, so start acting like one. In it he writes of the need to prioritize writing every day, by eliminating distractions and writing sacrificially  dropping other other interests to make more time, where necessary. I was more than a little aware of how difficult this would be in my own situation given my circumstances, but I see how important it is. WordPress stats told me I only wrote 62 times this year, but there are more than 300 more days than that in a year, Of course, I wrote for the other projects I have previously mentioned, and occasionally also used suggestions from ‘The Write Practice’ and published them in the comments section when feeling brave! However, I plan to become much more dedicated this year, health permitting of course. I am aware that I may have to sacrifice more sleep… but so be it. 

Here’s to the New Year! Happy 2013, dear readers, especially to my ‘followers’ who read my blog regularly and encourage me with my writing. I couldn’t do this without you!

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