Group of friends

My favourite bit of yesterday was when I had a group of friends round. We ate biscuits and chocolates and talked Jesus for a couple of hours. Just a ‘normal Christian activity’, whatever that is. If ‘normal’ and ‘Christian’ belong in the same sentence! I ended up needing an hours nap to recover!

We’re working our way through a study about women in the bible. We’ve looked at Ruth (predictably?) and Hannah. Yesterday though, we looked at Abigail, how she responded to a crisis in her life, and then how we respond to our own crises. If you gave me a list of names and asked me which ones were names of women in the bible, I possibly could have told you she’d made the cut, but not anything about her, except that she wound up married to King David.

According to 1 Samuel (vs 2-44 if you want to look it up she was “beautiful and intelligent”. Just his sort of woman then! Before then though she was married to Nabal… a ‘fool’ because he was happy with his riches and unwilling to share them, and because he had the wrong response to a crisis. Since he refused King David’s request for supplies, his life was on the line. Abigail was the one who went to David (with the supplies this time!) and pleaded that their lives be saved… thankfully the request was granted. The study was talking about our response in a crisis (even when our lives aren’t on the line!) How do you react to a crisis? What’s your survival strategy?

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