Here I am again, 5am.

Awake and stressing,
my brain messing
about within, without.
About this, that, the other,
Within me, turmoil,
Without me, are they better?

Thoughts scattered,
dreams have fled
Instead, the mess
of thoughts.
Swirl, twirl, whirl,
around me
curl into me,
Unfurling within me,
Here to stay.

With dread, up I get,
I forget.
What does uninterrupted rest feel like?
Fighting my mind is unkind,
this much I know.
Here I sit in the quiet,
and the peace, the room
still. A rarity.
Longing for the still, small voice.
I dont want to fight
my unkind mind.
Instead I write,
Hoping to find,
in my mind, some peace,
However fleeting.

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