Book Review: The Apple Tree

I first came across Linda’s work when she began reading my blog. I had gone looking to see who had liked a post I had written, and Linda was one of them. I was curious about the title of her blog, ‘Raising 5 kids with disabilities and remaining sane’, so I checked it out. Full of stories of the 4 kids she has adopted and the scrapes they get her into, her writing is warm, funny, and educational. When I discovered Linda had written a book, I could not wait to read it!

The Apple Tree: Raising 5 kids with disabilities and remaining sane, includes some of these scrapes, including her kids histories and her battle to get proper help, as well as what led her to adopt four children with such complex needs. However, as with Linda’s blog, although her story heads to some dramatic and dark places, it is warm and funny and engaging too. I very quickly found myself absorbed in Linda’s tales about the family’s travels, and later, awestruck at the achievements of Frances biological son, and rooting for the family to survive all they face and pull through with their family intact. It really is one you should read for yourself. I read the entire book during one sleepless night!! I am reluctant to give too much away. Go and read this wonderful book for yourself, and let me know what you think of it!

English: Apples on an apple-tree. Ukraine. Рус...
English: Apples on an apple-tree. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

p.s. This is Invisible Illnesses Awareness Week. It is apt I am writing this post now, as many of Linda’s kids have invisible illnesses and disabilities which she also talks about. An extra reason to read this excellent book!

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