helping hands (over and over again)


I really wish I could answer this as it’s such a great question. It’s also incredibly appropriate to my life, as other people help me several times over every day. However, my mind has gone blank. I can remember snippets of help; two girls who washed dishes for me when I was unwell in my first year at university, others who accompanied me to hospital when I was extra poorly, many strangers who have tied shoelaces, helped me on or off the bus, back into my wheelchair when I’ve fallen out of it… as the cliche goes, the list is endless.

Not forgetting the many people over the years who have made meals, and washed up afterwards. The friends who really stand out are the ones who have done much to help me, just by being them. Those who never give a second thought to helping time and again; always on the end of a phone, or regularly meeting up for coffee or lunch, giving me a break from the monotony of routine, those who make me laugh at the end of bad day, yes, it’s friendship, but it’s friends who do more without even thinking about it. It’s testament to them that no one time they helped stands out. There are a few special ones. and even one special one I can think of who I cannot name here. There are also carers who become friends. though that brings it’s own problems. It’s one thing to help once, and another to help over and over again, so, thank you, my friends. My 30th Birthday Party was so special, because of all of you. Love you all very much!

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