Billy (the kid)

Golf ball
Golf ball (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some days, I fret about what I will write, and other days, a post will write itself. Thankfully, this is one of the latter! I needed to go back to sleep this morning, which I did, but forgot to set an alarm. I woke about 1030 and managed to get out of my house in fifteen minutes flat, since care had got me ready to go out a few hours earlier.

Once outside. there was a wee boy running up and down the pavements with his scooter. He later told me the pavements are better up here than where he lives! I am sure I have seen or heard him in the last couple of days. First thing is, he says hi, and asks me if I know what the noise is. I say no, and he tells me how annoying it is. I try to indulge him a bit but think, right I better get moving. Next thing is, the boy is asking about my electric wheelchair, wanted to know what each button on the control box does and test it out. I suddenly think. where would Jesus be? Of course, he would keep the pharisees waiting at Synagogue and talk to the little boy. I relax. and let him push and pull the chair using the golf ball, spinning me round in circles and tipping the chair backwards. In between he asks me why I use a chair, can I walk a bit, and where was I going when he saw me? All natural questions, and somehow it feels much safer to answer while he’s messing with the chair. His next statement took me by surprise though…. he said he wanted a chair too!! He said I could have his scooter and the golf ball and he would have my chair (cheeky or what….!!)

i thought that was the end of it, as Billy spun me round in the right direction and shoved the golf ball forwards. I take and go the long way round, following flattest path to the end of the street and across the road. Quick as anything, he’s caught up with me, asking why I didn’t cross at the dropped kerbs in the middle of the road. I show with my arm as best I can the path leading from the dropped kerb and how steep it is compared to the path I used. He gets it. He spies the grass, and decides that’s where the chair is going too. Thankfully  the grass was dry so the chair coped fine. The only hiccup was were were too near the main road for my liking!! I veer off the grass, and he suddenly says he’s off. He shoves the golf ball on the chair in the direction I’m going and speeds off, back towards home, right down the ginnell at the side of my house, and beyond.

I went to church with a smile on my face and a prayer in my heart, for Billy. Not caring that I was late, even though Billy said “You’re allowed to be late because you have a problem….!!” I met Billy BECAUSE I was running late!! Also, if only all Disability Awareness Training was as easy as it was this morning, ours would be a much more compassionate society to live in!

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