the score book tells its own story…

What activity, task, or game most brings out your competitive streak?

This one’s a ‘no-brainer!’ It has to be word games in general and Scrabble in particular. I am always desperate to win, even against friends.  My competitive streak is well known among my friends. Quite a few of them love board games too. I sometimes even play Scrabble with a carer on days where it is horrible weather, if most of the chores are done.

I play word games on-line, though not that many these days. I came across a troll when I played ‘Scrabble’ via Facebook login, and immediately deleted the game, too afraid to play again. When I got a smartphone, I started playing games on that, but I’ve had a couple of issues.   The ‘words with friends’ app has malfunctioned, so that when I click on the links no games will load. I started playing ‘Draw Something’ on my phone and eventually got propositioned by the random I was playing the game with. So having learned a little from the Scrabble incident I decided ‘uninstall’ was the best option..

Looking for another game to play, found ‘Scramble with Friends’, a variation on ‘Boggle’. I am logged into the game via facebbok, but none of my friends play it regularly so I play it with randoms, and a couple of people even regularly invite me to play a game. I did have some light trouble, but having truly leaned my lesson, I just resigned from the game. Happily, I have played many games since with no further trouble.

I have lots of memories of playing board games, particularly scrabble, with my Gran when on holiay in Inverness and also when I have stayed with her at her home. My Grandparents also love games – so much so they play ‘Scrabble’ every Saturday night, and others on a Friday night with a friend. ‘Lexicon’, ‘upwords’ and more.

The special thing about all of this us that one of them has a scorebook dating back 30 years and more, to when my Father’s youngest brother was a boy. Friends, neighbours; many of whom have since passed away. The notebook wouldn’t mean a thing in monetary terms, but the sentimental value of such a thing – I bet you couldn’t put a price on it. That’s the thing about games, and board games in particular – they can cross the generations,and get everyone playing and talking to each other. Plus, it so much fun, as long as l win …. (only joking).

Are you someone who loves to win? Do you have a favourite game? Or play an unusual game you think others should hear about? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below this post!

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