Midweek healthkick

Wednesday's Healthy  lunch
The picture shows what I had for lunch midweek. A portion of homemade carrot soup, made with a pre-packed ‘soup mix’ of carrots, onions, and herbs. I also included some plain rice cakes, and a low-fat yogurt with fruit purée in it too.

Wednesday’s lunch was very healthy, possibly because I workout later on in the afternoon. I needed energy  and also wanted to start eating healthily before I was told to! T’s so hard to diet! Also, this picture and post is for the weekly photo challenge, so I wasn’t going to be appallingly unhealthy on camera!!

Today is Saturday, and there is at least another six inches of snow on the ground, so I ended up doing my care myself this morning, which has absolutely exhausted me. By the time it got to midday and beyond I was craving sugar. I made some scones with a carer yesterday so I persuaded myself that would do and kept falling asleep mid eating. When I woke at least an hour later, I heated another tub of soup mix that I’d made. There’s just something about soup, especially if it’s home-made. It was so comforting, as I’d made me think of heaps of soup ‘n’ pudding tea-times while I was growing up, and also cause soup mum makes is legendary, and someone or other usually asks for a recipe! It also made me feel so healthy, that I don’t feel so bad about the 11 am biscuits (only 100 cals — bonus) or the cake n’ custard I am planning to have after my meal tonight! When the weather’s like this, everyone should include some stodge! I’m off to make coffee.. and decide what to have later! (Suggestions welcome…)


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