An exciting collaboration

Not one, but two!

It may sound greedy, but if my life-story were to be written by someone other that me, I can’t think of just one person who could cope with the faith stuff and the disability stuff. Apart from Joni Earekson Tada, I guess. Or at least, she’s the person most well known to me who could handle both aspects expertly. The thought only just occurred to me.

The first person I thought of yesterday though, oddly, was Jacqueline Wilson, one of the queens of children’s books here in the UK, For a good few years now, she has been writing stories about how children handle crisis or difficult starts in life, and some have been made into TV movies including ‘best friends’ and ‘dustbin baby’. The lovely thing about these movies is that in general they appeal to the whole family, regardless of age. All of this makes her the perfect person to write a children’s version of my autobiography, for both disabled and non disabled children, and I think she would bring a humour and lightheartedness to the difficult or squeamish parts of the actual autobiography. Who would make a good collaborator for the faith side though? Maybe someone like Francine Rivers, as some of her stories are fictional representations of biblical stories, but the faith side is still strong, true and shines from the page. Sorted 🙂 


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