Not your average room

Today’s daily post subject is welcome relief from the morbid fascination of late. These deep thinking posts are good to do once in a while just not all the time. Write your eulogy, epitaph, 5 things you would save if your house was burning, go back the next day and look for what you left… ugh!
It’s a welcome relief to think on something I ponder on in a while, if money was no object. Would have to have a calming colour on the walls, even a light yellow, if there would be any wall space left once the floor to ceiling bookshelves were finished. I’d definitely go for the best quality wood I could afford due to the cost, and for durability.

I’m trying to think how to make them accessible. I remember seeing something on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition once. This was a shelving unit too, but this one rotated at the touch of a button so that the button was held down until the required item was in reach, that would be amazing. I’m all for a quality product made in an accessible way, that appeals to everyone. This is also known as something called “Universal Design”. All it is, is a design everyone would want to use. My college tutor was fond of using the example of a part of the University where there were some steps side-by-side with a ramp. According to him, almost everyone used the ramp, rending the steps pointless and meaning the ramp could have been twice as wide, allowing more people to pass more comfortably.

The practical design would continue, with an adjustable height desk, and quality drawer space. I’d love the new windows 8 tablet that converts to a laptop, almost £1000k, without the accompanying keyboard! I’d have a proper keyboard, and as much software as I needed. As this is my dream set-up, the software would be compatible with windows 8 from the beginning of the process, instead of being a few months/ a year behind (at least) as is common. I’d save some money by not needing an office chair, obviously.

I’d use this money for either an electronically adjustable recliner armchair or a chaise-long, to be able to read comfortably, with soft overhead lighting. I’d absolutely have to have the best coffee maker and china mugs, and a popcorn machine. I would have plain popcorn, the kind a student I once knew used to live on when they were studying. It was delicious and much healthier than the salt, sugar or something in-between flavours.

What have I missed? Oh yes, the view. Given I haven’t seen the sea for such a long time, I’d love a sea view. I wouldn’t much mind which sea it was, though I’ve only ever lived near the north sea.

I wonder if I’ve missed anything?

What would any of you have in your ideal reading and writing room, if money were no object? I’d love to know 🙂

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