Scotland, the farm, and the common denominator

I find the prompt for this post post is interesting, to write the first word that comes into my head, when I see the words home, soil, and rain. It suprised me very much that when I thought of home, it was Scotland that came to mind, not where I now live. It’s been a long time since I was up in Scotland… in fact, I am struggling to think when I was last there. I think it was perhaps a little over a year ago. I was supposed to be there in a few weeks, but I will have to delay it for a few weeks at least.

It is no surprise to me that I thought of the farm as soon as I saw the word ‘soil’ as I used ti volunteer for the horticulture project, and spent many hours pushing seeds into soil or cleaning old pots for reuse. I miss the volunteering, but not the soil. Conversely, I wish I had more of a garden than the one strip of soil outside my window.

‘Rain’ or rather the frequency and volume of rain is one of the few things my birthplace and current home have in common. Years ago when I moved to my current city, rain used to much reduce my homesickness. Indeed, I would be quite pleased if the sky were to pour now, and clear away the snow!

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