Get ready for work: what woman who needs constant care was told | Society | The Guardian

The Mind boggles:

HOW could an ATOS medical have declared this lady fit for work? It’s just horrifying. Surely she should have been exempt from a medical, having qualified by gaining 15 points on the first question that asks how your disability affects you, or in this case how it affects the person who the benefit is being claimed on behalf of?! Even if that were not the case, one look at Ruth says she’s not capable of work! Here’s the link to the article, and interview with Ruth’s mother:

Get ready for work: what woman who needs constant care was told | Society | The Guardian.

“I am blaming the system that allows people with disability to be targeted, to be made to feel as if they are a burden on society” (Ruth’s mother).

This should NEVER happen again, BUT…

It’s incredibly heartbreaking to watch the video.  Ruth should be betting the best of everything, not being held ransom to unrealistic targets. Anyone with two brain cells can see that surely? Kudos to Ruth’s mother for remaining dignified throughout the interview with the guarding, and for her love and compassion for her daughter. She too, should be helped and supported, not subjected to further demands. How has this government got it SO wrong? I don’t want to say too much more and detract from Ruth’s story. It is one that deserves to be heard, and acted upon urgently so that nothing of this nature happens again. However, I fear the people who most need to listen are the last people who will.

One thought on “Get ready for work: what woman who needs constant care was told | Society | The Guardian

  1. Dear Jackie,

    I probably over-reacted to your piece about Joey, and I’m sorry.

    Of course keep your thoughts up about my piece, and I’m grateful to you for caring.

    I’ve been very upset and angered by the argument propagated by one or two Christians that disability is God’s punishment for women who’ve had abortions, but I know that your comments were not like that. And I have great respect for the core Christian belief that Joey – and others – are to be included in any notion of God’s kingdom, even though I don’t believe in God!

    Every best,



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