The (6) impossibles…

This is my answer to yesterday’s daily prompt.

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” – the White Queen, Alice in Wonderland.

What are the six impossible things you believe in?

It took me some time to come up with six but I rather like the finished list!

1. I will live in this flat forever.

I feel so settled here it is impossible to imagine ever leaving. I guess I will one day but I don’t like to think about that. It may be sooner than I think with the benefit ‘reforms’ looming…

2. I will wake up thin one morning as if by magic
I like to think the above will actually happen, and not about the reality; months of denying myself things, and hard work

3. My body wouldn’t need naps.
Naps are good and healthy but some days all I do. I’d be able to control them instead of naps controlling me.

4. I will wake to the news that the House of Lords has forced a u-turn on the abolition of the ‘severe disability premium’ under universal credit. That would be sweet, but impossible, because what’s done is done. I can dream, right!!

5. Someone will invent lower calorie chocolate that is a match for the original and tastes amazing! Haven’t found any, at the moment, except ‘child size’ bars.

6. Esther McVey, the Government Minister for  Disabled People, will see sense and table a motion for the re-installation and reworking of Disability Living Allowance in preference to the ironically Personal Independence Payment.

I’d love to hear what you think of it, and see everyone’s list of impossible things! I’m such a dreamer. However, dreaming aids creativity, as does sunshine! Happy Tuesday, readers.