Digital Sabbath (1) … Who am I kidding, everything’s digital!

An Early Start…

I decided, due to encouragement from others, including Dave Roberts, (aka Partakers_Dave) that this past Sunday, I was going to switch off everything digital. However, as a Facebook friend pointed out, phones are digital too! I keep mine on at night in case I have an emergency, which meant there was the temptation to use the internet that way. That’s why I decided I’d start on Saturday night. I have to confess, I did reach for it, but quickly checked it, and left it alone. However, I didn’t sleep like a baby, as I was expecting to!

I was shocked on Sunday morning to discover the first thing I did after I was up and ready was to switch my laptop on without thinking… there’s a habit I have to break right there! (and, I’ve switched my computer on without breakfast… I notice I’ve neglected the porridge kind as well as the spiritual kind!!) However, I switched it off again, to switch on my radio! This time, I switched it on before I remembered it was digital too. This time, I decided to leave it on for a bit, as UCB Christian Radio has a lot of praise and worship songs on a Sunday, and so the cat strangling began (no actual cats involved, I hasten to add!!) I switched the radio off, and did have a proper quiet time. I love Good Book Company’s Explore notes, so relevant, but without selling-out. Off I went to church, feeling nourished and calm. As an added bonus, I didn’t fall asleep in the service!

What to do, with all this ‘free’ time!

I can’t actually remember what I did on Sunday afternoon after I got back from church lunch. I do remember phoning my grandparents, which meant breaking the Sabbath again, seeing as the phone is digital. Phoning them of a Sunday afternoon is another ‘habit’, but seeing as this is a healthy one I figured it was okay. I did notice that having started the day without the laptop I was more rested in general, with might have something to do with the fact I didn’t fall asleep in my wheelchair as usual, or might just be co-incidence!

I did finally succumb and switch my laptop on around teatime, which was not the end of the Sabbath, as one of my friends pointed out. I’m not really sure why, I think I made excuses to myself that it was okay as I had managed a proper ‘quiet time’ and everything, and I did find in general my head was more ‘Jesus focused’, thinking about what I had heard in church that day on “past, present and future”. (Philipians 3, 1-11, if anyone’s interested).


So, what did I learn?

I have to say, I thought I had learned the importance of not switching the laptop on so soon, and here I find myself in the same situation again having switched the laptop on, and blogging before I’ve had my ‘quiet time’ with my Bible. I guess that’s the main thing I learned, though it sounds painfully simple, how soon blogging has become a habit, when other habits are so hard to learn, or so difficult to break! That, and how obsessive I am about checking my phone! Although, I managed to control that better than I thought. I’m really going to have to be more aware of what I do when! It sounds so arbitrary, but maybe I really will have to put a post it note or something over the switch on the laptop so I notice when I am switching it on! I have no excuses at all seeing as care was on time this morning and everything.  I can hear my dear Granny’s voice in my head, about none of those things being excuses either, and so I am off…


4 thoughts on “Digital Sabbath (1) … Who am I kidding, everything’s digital!

  1. I’ll have to try this next Sunday. We usually go to church in the morning then have the family here together in the afternoon so I can’t use the excuse that I’m mostly on here for company when I’m alone.
    We used to have a vicar who was against Sunday trading. When we heard he wouldn’t buy a newspaper, an ice-cream or go out for a meal. It made us think there was more to Sunday trading than we had thought. The same goes with anything digital. Makes you think. Jeff’s on earlies this week so I’m up at 5am with him so having a quiet time is easier when I’m alone.


  2. First, thanks for visiting and Following my blog!
    I enjoyed this post. Yes, indeed the entire electronic universe seems digital. I guess that makes a great deal of sense, yet actually having a day free of digital interaction is very difficult. I wonder whether being mindful is the next best thing.


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