The day(s) I (almost) ‘kicked the bucket’


Almost, but not yet…

I have no clue what the 11th item on my bucket list is. (Today’s Daily Prompt). I don’t even have a bucket list! This even strikes me as odd. I’m not entirely sure why. My best guesses are that I’m not that ambitious. I’ve never had a wish to see the world, perhaps because I struggle with things like travel sickness. I’ve no idea what people would normally put on a bucket list. It’s also perhaps because in general, I’m more chilled than most about the end of life thing. I almost died a few times as a baby, as I was 12 wks premature and very ill, needing operations as a tiny baby. I’ve also been in a car accident, which I wasn’t badly hurt in, but the only reason for that is there was no traffic travelling in the opposite direction, or I may have been toast. Most recently, I had a life saving operation; the one which gave me the bag on my tummy. I’ve had to face it, which is part of why I’m not afraid. I also know where I’m going when I do die, the bigger part of why I’m unafraid.

So, what’s on a bucket list?

If I were to have a bucket list, I get it might include things like getting a book published, eventually, visiting friends in America, and I’m unsure what else. So over to you! What would be on your bucket list?


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Giggly Scot who uses wheels to get around. Evangelical Christian, #spoonie. writer, coffee lover, baker, avid reader, choc-a-holic. I am the cake-crusader!
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6 Responses to The day(s) I (almost) ‘kicked the bucket’

  1. djmatticus says:

    My bucket list:
    1 – discover fountain of youth (thus rendering this list null and void)
    2 – ….

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  5. Great to have the confidence we have through Jesus that we can look forward to a great future. I don’t have a bucket list either. I try to concentrate on living each day at a time being grateful for all the blessings I have. May God bless you greatly in 2013 xx

    • jacksdavie says:

      Yes I know what you mean….Praying God will bless you and Jeff lots and lots this year too :-) Thank you for your friendship! I’m writing a post on a quote to do with friendship now!

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